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1454 Lewis Dr.
Lakewood, OH 44107
United States


Born and raised in Lakewood, OH, I'm a jewelry designer that has just received my BFA in Jewelry and Objects with a minor in business from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Never limiting myself to anything so specific, I've branched out into marketing, trend forecasting, leather goods, watches, and sunglasses.  I'm here to take my unique point of view and diverse experience to the streets.

Collection W3-6.1.jpg


I've been drawing and 3-dimensionally modeling some ideas.  These don't exist...yet.

    This is a collection I designed inspired by the Mini Moke--a type of Mini-cooper created for the army.  However, the car was very impractical and became an iconic vehicle used by hippies in California.  

     The combination of the utilitarian style and concept of the car with the life philosophy of the people that ultimately used it inspired this collection to be both whimsical and structured.

    These were all designed using Matrix software.

    Step one of my 3-D modeling journey began here, in my first computer aided design class for jewelry and objects.

    Here is where I learned how to use Rhino and Keyshot.

    Further advances in 3-D modeling were made in an advanced cad class.

    Here are examples of work made and rendered in Matrix.  

    These were simple exercises to master the techniques and tools available in Matrix.