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1454 Lewis Dr.
Lakewood, OH 44107
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Born and raised in Lakewood, OH, I'm a jewelry designer that has just received my BFA in Jewelry and Objects with a minor in business from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Never limiting myself to anything so specific, I've branched out into marketing, trend forecasting, leather goods, watches, and sunglasses.  I'm here to take my unique point of view and diverse experience to the streets.

AJDLookBook-4 copy.jpg

senior thesis

l o o k b o o k

My senior collection was a year long process during which I was able to dive deep into a single concept and create a large collection of jewelry based on that concept.   

Inspired by the new and burgeoning urban farming movement, I created a collection that combined the spirit of the farmer and the rebel.  Farming for yourself in the city has become a way of speaking out against the food industry and taking things into your own hands.  

This collection of looks uses symbols and materials I chose to represent the farm in the city.  I transformed and manipulated them in a way that reveals their true value; just as the value of urban farming lies not simply in the relocation of the farm, but in the environmental and economic transformation of the country. 

My interest in fashion jewelry was reflected in that collection, and it only made sense to present it being worn together in many different ways in an urban farm.  So here is my senior collection look book.

Photographer~Parker Stewart  

Talent~Catey Carey

Stylist~Heath Daniel

Assistants~Stephen Milner & Mary Katherine Wise

m o o d

While making a mood board has always been a part of my design process, this is the first time that I have collaged by hand.  Giving myself the freedom to remove the shapes, things, and creatures that inspire me and position them amongst each other has influenced not only this collection but also my own design process.

s k e t c h e s

Here are the drawings of the pieces that made the final cut into making~i like brown paper and colored pencils.